- Inari is building the product development stack of the future.

We’re obsessed with helping teams build delightful products that customers love. The best thing about building products is that "customers are divinely discontent." Customer expectations are never static: they only go up. So why haven’t our own expectations around product development tools and product quality done the same?

Figma changed how we collaborate on design. Slack changed how we communicate. Rippling unified our payroll, HR, and IT stacks. However, running product development still archaically lives in disparate docs, outdated spreadsheets, ad-hoc dashboards, and one-time whiteboards. Product and research teams deserve better and we’re planning to change that. We’re super early but we’ll get to a unified, performant stack. One well-crafted product at a time.

We’ll experiment with unconventional ways to rethink product development with emerging tech like AI. We don’t plan to be a conventional productivity tool. If Inari does its job right, product teams shouldn’t see 10% productivity improvements. They’ll become “10x” product teams. We’ll automate the monotonous. We’ll loop humans into the creative and toughest parts of the work. And we’ll build systems that understand each business uniquely and improve over time.

We are a small but mighty team of two. Frank and Eric met in 2014 working on ML and BI products at Amazon. Eric continued working at AWS for 7 years, focusing on AI algorithms, Sagemaker, and Forecasting before transitioning to startups. Frank worked on product and business operations at Opendoor and Dapper Labs during their early to growth stages, working on ML pricing and products such NBA Top Shot and NFL ALL DAY.

Build products customers love with Inari.

Save hundreds of hours using AI to automate feedback analysis and discover insights instead of drowning in those old spreadsheets.