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Turn customer interactions
product growth
improved NPS
ops productivity

Turn customer
interactions into
product growth
improved NPS
ops productivity

Inari surfaces customer insights and revenue-generating product opportunities from your customer data auto-magically using AI

of insights and backlog items created
NPS lift after fixing issues identified
hours saved per month per team onboarded

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Unify feedback, analyze it at scale.

User interviews, Slack requests, Gong calls, customer feedback... Unify customer interactions from 5K+ tools then automatically analyze it all using AI. Extract useful quotes, score user sentiment, and categorize requests, defects, praises, and learnings so your team doesn't have to manually.

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Insight Generation

Surface customer insights, on autopilot.

Reduce churn and build delightful products based on requests, bugs, value props, customer behaviors, and other trends that Inari identifies then alerts you about. Inari attributes insights to the feedback most related to it, so you can size how frequently an issue is mentioned when prioritizing your backlog.

Uncover new product opportunities

Surface potential backlog issues based on feature requests or AI-recommended solutions to customer problems. Each issue auto-links with customer data like deal size, company stage, mention volumes, and anecdotes – giving you a 360° view when prioritizing what issues matters most.

Insight Generation

Visualize trends in real-time
Monitor trends and automate VoC reporting from your feedback, insights, and customer data.
Understand your users deeply
Map customers, companies, and personas directly to trends extracted from your feedback.
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Route insights to the right tools
Push insights, summaries, and requests directly to tools such as Slack, JIRA, and Linear using Inari.
Custom Taxonomy
Customize your own taxonomy
Customize the framework by which AI analyzes your feedback or create your own custom taxonomy of insights to automatically monitor.
Get started self-serve
Start generating insights and automating your product ops self-serve unlike other tools.

10x product teams ❤️ Inari

100's of product, research, and support teams automate their feedback process + build better products with us!

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Kevin Li
Product Lead @ Canary

“It was super nice using Inari for summarizing takeaways from a bunch of our sales and support tickets. Merchants were facing issues or providing exceptions in various support and sales interactions and we were able to just plug it in and pull out the bugs and blockers that should be in our backlog.”

Dale Everett
Group PM @ Faire

“Inari is solving one of the biggest pains in SaaS / Enterprise: converting structured and unstructured feedback into actions. Surveys and feedback often get collected but don't necessarily lead to results. Huge props to Inari for tackling this problem! We're Looking forward to incorporating Inari into more of our product lifecycle.”

Rosemary Hua
Head of Retail @ Snowflake

“Wow, this is a way better than expected. Nice work guys!! It's also super timely as I’m prepping for a big review meeting and this analysis is going to make my life significantly easier. The insight clusters and descriptions are impressive, but having supporting quotes on top is even better. Inari essentially creates an explorable knowledge graph on your feedback.”

Kevin Merlini
Founder @ Materia AI

“Inari saves me countless hours synthesizing qualitative customer input into actionable insights. What I love about Inari is I still have a sense of agency and the AI is my copilot. If an output doesn't match what I've heard or misses an important point, I can easily edit or add it. Inari's simple workflow demonstrates it was built by experts creating a tool that makes product building scalable.”

Steven Harries
VP of Product @ Metopio

“Having a tool that can get through notes from user feedback and turn it into something I can act on has made a world of difference in my work. Inari has been a quiet powerhouse for me, slicing through the noise, structuring, and highlighting what matters. It allows me to focus on creating the best experiences for our users.”

Eric Feng
Product Lead @ Dapper Labs

“Inari was really helpful for letting me convert a ton of qualitative app store reviews and customer feedback data into actionable value props and verbiage that listeners commonly talked about. We used many of the themes and quotes as inspo for some campaigns.”

Quintin Au
Marketing Manager @ Spotify

“Inari saved me AT LEAST 10-20 hours while roadmap planning. I had a bunch of hypotheses in my head from so many user interviews we did on our trip and Inari tagged everything, put metrics behind all of it, and made it super easy to present to my team.”

Lisa Li
Product Lead @ Flexport

“As a user research team of one, using Inari to analyze customer feedback has been amazing! I’m no longer bogged down by tedious manual analysis, can focus my time on the most impactful aspects of my role, and can take on multiple research projects simultaneously now. I've tried AI features in Dovetail and Kraftful but prefer the customization and much better results I saw in Inari.”

Dennis Laguman
UX Research Lead @ Binance

“We’ve been doing a ton of user interviews while validating product ideas. We did ~30 minute chats, jotted notes, then spent hours drafting reports. Our biggest constraint was time spent summarizing, tagging, and making it actionable. It’s been SOOO nice just dropping all my docs in and having the reporting and analysis automated. Plus we’ve pulled so many takeaways into our roadmap now.”

Sherry Jiang
Founder @ Bluejay Finance

“I was pretty mindblown after dropping in 38 pages of research notes - which were super messy and barely comprehensible by most humans - and getting 8 summarized takeaways that matched up almost perfectly with my independent takeaways. You guys are really onto something!!”

Willy Huang
Senior PM @ Etsy

In God (or AGI) we trust, but...

..all others must bring data 📈

hours saved per month per product team onboarded
costs saved automating monotonous product ops tasks
NPS (out of 10) improved after fixing issues identified with Inari
of product insights and backlog items created

Build products customers love with Inari.

Save hundreds of hours using AI to automate feedback analysis and discover insights instead of drowning in those old spreadsheets.